Thursday, 27 August 2009



  1. Silver pomfret 2 head cut and cleaned.

  2. one tsp of ginger garlic paste.

  3. 2 tsp of lime juice.

  4. chilli powder 2 tsp.

  5. salt to taste.

  6. pepper powder (optional)


  • Wash fish and make slits on both sides of fish.

  • In bowl mix chilli powder,lime juice,gingergarlic paste,Pepper powder(optional) and salt .

  • Apply mixed masala on fish apply in deep in the slit so masala spread evenly inside.

  • Apply masala even inside fish.

  • Let the fish be in marination for one hour keep fish refrigerated.

  • After one hour roll fish in foil sheet or in banana leaf and steam in idly vessel for 20 min.

  • After steaming take fish out let it cool for room temperature.

  • Now apply some oil that keep fish not to stick in fry pan and keep fish and fry .

  • Each side should be fried for 2 min or 1 min.

Now you healthy steamed pomfret is ready to eat.

Steamed pomfret is good because cooking with less oil

I am posting this receipe and following entries for spotlight fish event.

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These three receipes goes to SPOTLIGHT FISH event

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