Monday, 13 July 2009

Multi grain roti or chappathi

Here I am going to give you a receipe for multi grain chappathi using Atta flour(kothumai), Jowar flour(cholam) ,Bajra flour(kambu).This receipe is good for people who likes to eat healthy ..This roti is good for health.


1.One and half cup Atta
2.One hand full Jowar flour
3.One hand full Bagri flour.
5.One spoon oil(Olive oil) I prefer
6.Water to knead


Mix all flour in a bowl and add salt to taste.

mix well ,now add enough Water for kneading.

Kead till its soft like chappathi dough.Now add spoon full of oil and knead the dough.

Keep it closed for 5 min .Make balls with dough.

Take each ball and Roll like chappathi using dry flour for dusting.

If you don't like dusting then u can roll by keeping dough in between 2 plastic sheets.

Take out rolled disc and put it in Hot tawa

if you like you can add oil on the top and flip it on after 1 min.Cook both side and now your healthy multi grain chappathi is ready.

You can serve with curries like egg masala,Chicken curry,For veg Serve with vegetable kurma.

Note :Serve it immediately for soft chappathis or you can keep in airtight container

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