Wednesday, 30 September 2009

KOLLU PARUPU AND KOLLU RASAM(Horse gram dhal and rasam)

Kollu parupu kadaiyal and kollu rasam

         Here i am going to post most authentic way of preparation of horsegram dhal(thokku) and rasam.This is the receipe from grandmother(my husbands grandmother),she is expert in cooking .I learnt most of kongunadu receipes from her.

For Dhal or thokku


  1. Horsegram(kollu in tamil)  one cup.

  2. Pearl onion 8 four for boiling with horse gram and 4 for tempering.

  3. Half of tomato.

  4. Garlic 2 pods.

  5. Pepper 1 tsp.

  6. Cumin seeds 1 tsp.

  7. Corriender seeds 1 tsp(if u don't have substitute with powder).

  8. Red chilles 10 (change accoriding to your taste).

  9. Salt to taste.

  10. Oil

  • In pressure cooker add horse gram and 4 cup of water and add onion,tomato,Garlic and crushed spices(pepper,cumin,coriender).
  • Add half of the salt.
  • Cook in pressure cooker for 5 whistle it should be over boiled.
  • Now drain excess water and keep aside for rasam.
  • In a pan add oil and heat now add mustard seeds ,curry leaves and chopped onion and fry till it is light brown .
  • Add redchilles and fry well now add this tempering to Cooked horsegram and boil for 2 min  and add salt to taste.
  • Mash Thokku with mashing tool
Now your spicy horsegram thokku or dhal is ready to serve.

For making rasam.


For Mixing
  1.         Water in with horsegram is cooked.
  2.         Tamarind water from big marble size.
  3.         Turmeric powder.
  4.         Salt
For Grinding
  1.     One table spoon grated coconut.
  2.     5 -6 red chilles(Adjust to ur level)
  3.     5 pearl onion.
  4.     One small tomato.
  5.     Pepper 1 tsp.
  6.     Cumin seeds 1 tsp.
  7.     Coriender seeds 1 tsp
For Tempering.
  1.    Mustard seeds
  2.    Curry leaves.
  3.    One pearl onion crushed.
  4.    Garlic 3 pods crushed.
  5.    Hing powder 2 pinch.
  6. Oil
  • Grind things to be grinded with little water.
  • Mix Water(horsegram boiled water) and tamarind water,salt and turmeric powder.
  • Keep pan add oil add mustard seeds ,add pearl onion,curry leaves,Garlic,hing powder.
  • Add Mixture to this tempering and boil til raw smell goes 5 min.
  • Add coriender leaves after finishing.
Now your Horsegram rasam is ready to serve.

Serve these both with Rice and appalam.

Sending this for priya's kongunadu cuisine event


  1. SUch a delicious and healthy Kongu dishes GR..Thanks for sending to RCI..

  2. Hi Renu, following you from now on :)

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