Thursday, 6 August 2009

Vegetable Dishes for Kids

Kids should be given vegetables daily.vegetables contains a lot of nutrients necessary for their growth.To protect our kids from lots of diseases we need to teach them a good life style.Make them to eat daily Veg and Fruits.We will see how to prepare each veg in a different way,so that our kids likes them

1.BeetRoot Salad


Beetroot:1 cup
Onion :2tsp
Red chilli:1
Curd :1 cup

Cut the beetroot into small pieces or you can grate it.
Take a kadai and pour little oil.
put some onions,red chilli.
then add beetroot.
let it be cooked.
after it is cooked pour the curd over it.
Add salt.
mash it well.
serve it with rice.The color itself attracts u r kid.

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