Thursday, 16 July 2009

Healthy Eating for babies and Toddlers

There are some foods which should be given carefully to babies and toddlers and untill they reach age 4.
Beacause they dont know to chew completely,so extra care should be taken while eating.
Otherwise it results in choking better to be careful.

Slice the apple into thin pieces or make it as a juice.dont give them as big pieces.

Dont give them as a whole.Cut into small pieces or puree them.

3.Raw vegetables:
Instead of giving raw veggies,you can cook them (For eg:carrot,beans,cauliflower..)for 4to5 min and give them.

crush them into small pieces to eat.dont give it as whole.

Since it is a dry food,kids will find it difficult to eat.

Ever kid likes a candy..but allow them to eat under your care.

7,Avoid large quantities of food at a time..give them little by little.

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  1. this article is very much son john abraham is 1 1/2 years old.this article willm help me how to feed him certain foods