Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Food for picky eater(Toddlers)

My son is picky eater,His meal is a big war for me.Now a days he is slowly coming out of it.
Good idea is to make your toddler eat food by making them participate in your cooking proccess.
I use to make my son son help me doing scrambled egg which he likes so much.He likes to help in beating eggs (they will messup palce but its ok no problem i can clean).Then i will show him how i cook carrot rice and beetroot rice so he started eating that also.So i thought of posting this receipes which can help some mums who are struggling with picky eaters.

Scrambled egg
Beat 2 eggs with 1/4 cup of milk(whole milk),salt for taste,And if your kids like pepper powder add one pinch.Beat it well with whisker.Now add 2 spoons of butter in pan and add this egg mixure and fry it till done.
This is good food for breakfast.

Beetroot rice:
  1. Beetroot grated half cup.
  2. Cooked rice one cup
  3. Onion Chopped 2 spoons.
  4. Green chilles or red chilles one or 2 according to spice level you prefer.
  5. Salt to taste.
  6. Mustard seeds,cumin seeds for seasoning.
  7. One spoon of ghee(any oil u prefer)

In a pan add ghee and add mustard seeds and cumin seeds .wait till it splutters.Now add onion and chillies,fry well then add grated beet root, fry well and cook with little water .After beetroot is cooked add cooked rice ,salt and mix well.Cook for 2 more min and finish it .

If u like to shorten the cooking process cook grated beetroot in microwave for 2 min and add to seasoning and mix with rice.

Note:Same way you can make carrot rice.

My son don't like to eat vegetable. so i used to prepare for him these dishes in some way or other he will eat veggies.

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