Thursday, 2 July 2009

Broccoli Stir fry

Broccoli is high in dietry fibers,vitamim A,C and K.It also contains anti cancer properties.
Here We are going to give you simple Receipe with broccoli.

1.Broccoli one big flower.
2.Chilli powder half tea spoon.
3.Pepper powder or crushed pepper one spoon.
5.Mustrad ,urad dhal,fennel seeds( if u don't like fennel seeds u can use cumin seeda or u can skip both) for seasoning.


1.Cut the florets .You can also use the stem part by peeling the outer skin.
2.Rince broccoli in running water and put it in microwave safe bowl .
3. just sprinkle little water on broccoli(don't add too much water so that broccolli will not be crunchy)
4.cook it in microwave for 3 min.( if you don't like crunchy ones, you can cook for 2 more min)
5.Now in a fry pan and add olive oil(I prefer) or whatever oil you use .
6.when oil is heated add mustard seeds,urad dhal,fennel seeds and wait till it spluters .
7.Add cooked broccolli andfry for 30 seconds and add salt, chilli powder(skip this if u don't like spicy food),pepper powder and fry for 2 mintutes.
8.Now your Helathy broccolli fry is ready.

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